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Agenda of Forum:

Date Time Content Venue
September 10 12:00-13:00 Luncheon for the final selection judges of the “Golden Ribbon” outstanding short documentary project 2F Chinese Dining Hall
14:30-17:00 Meeting for the final selection of “Golden Ribbon” outstanding short documentary programs 2F Kaiyuan Hall II
18:00-18:30 Leave the hotel for the Tang Paradise Gran Meliá Xian / Hibiscus Pavilion
18:30-20:30 Welcome Party of “Belt and Road Media Community” Summit Forum 2018and Results Announcement Party of “Golden Ribbon” Outstanding Short Documentary Competition Tang Paradise
September 11 9:30-9:40 Opening Ceremony 3F Zhenguan Hall
9:40-10:10 Opening Address
10:10-10:20 Keynote Speech Annual Work Report and Development Plan of BRMC
10:20-11:00 Release and Signing Ceremony of Key Cooperative Projects 1.Release of China-Italy Co-produced Documentary “From Chang’an to Rome”
2.Launch of China-UK-USA Co-produced TV Drama “Origin”
3.Signing Ceremony for China-Canada Co-produced Documentary “Silk Road to Northern Lights”
4.Signing Ceremony for China-France Co-produced Documentary “Approaching China: Jean-Pierre Raffarin Witnesses 40 Years of Change”
5.Signing Ceremony for New Members of BRMC MOU
6.Signing Ceremony for China-Japan Program Broadcasting Cooperation
7.Launch of “Eurasia News Sharing and Exchange Platform”
11:00-11:10 Tea break
11:10-11:40 Representatives Speeches 1.Xi’an Broadcasting Station
2.CJSC "Second National TV Channel"
3.Kazakh Telegraph Agency
4.Argentina National TV
5.Jordan Radio and Television Corporation
6.British DOVE Media
11:40-12:10 Release of Key Cooperative Projects 1.Launch of “China Hour” in Portugal
2.Release of “Golden Ribbon” Multinational Coproduction Program “Silk Road in My Eyes”
3.Release of “Beautiful Chang’an – Large-scale Music Culture Collection”
12:10-12:15 End of Main Forum
14:00-15:30 Lectures on Special Topics 1. (WangJian)
2.Cross-cultural Communication of Co-produced Programs
3.Localized Transplantation and Internationalized Innovation in the Creation of Screenplay
15:30-15:40 Tea break
15:40-17:30 Lectures on Special Topics 1.Sharing of Experience in the international Co-production of Documentary
2. (ZhaoZizhong)
3.Looking back to Chang’an of Tang Dynasty, Carrying forward the Silk Road Spirit
14:00-17:00 “Eurasia News Sharing and Exchange Platform” seminar and contract signing ceremony Kaiyuan Hall
September 12 9:00-10:30 Member Recommendation 1.Xi’an Broadcasting Station 3F Zhenguan Hall
2.Radio Television of Serbia (RTS)
3.China Arabic Channel
4.Channel 31 Kazakhstan
5.CCTV News Content
6.APT Satellite Company Limited
7.CCTV Documentary Media International Inc.
8.(Natural History New Zealand)
10:30-10:40 Tea break
10:40-12:30 Member Recommendation 9.CCTV Animation Company Profile
10.Cinedigm Entertainment Group
11.Rakuten Viki
12.Enjoy TV & Film Broadcasting Corporation
13.Myanmar SKYNET
14.China International Communications Co., Ltd
15.CCTV Economic Channel
10:00-12:00 Project Cooperation Progress Meeting 1: China-Germany-Oman Co-produced Documentary “The Voyages of Zheng He” Executive Lounge Meeting Room 2
15:00-17:00 Project Cooperation Progress Meeting 2: Beautiful Chang’an – Large-scale Music Culture Collection Executive Lounge Meeting Room 2
15:00-17:00 One-on-one Meetings 2F Chang’an Hall

Cultural Investigate:

Date Time Content Venue
September 11 20:00-22:00 Tang Dynasty Grand Welcome Ceremony Yong Ning Gate
September 12 20:00-21:30 Performance of “The Everlasting Regret” Huaqing Pool
September 13 9:00-21:00 Xi’an Broadcasting Station
Xi’an Banpo Museum
Xi’an Museum, Small Wild Goose Pagoda