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>About Us

The Belt and Road Media Community is the world’s first international film and television media alliance for all media organizations, linked by the “Silk Road”. The Community, initiated by China International Television Corporation and jointly founded by the media organizations from the five continents, was officially established in Beijing in August 2016. Within the framework of the of BRMC, there are the Council of BRMC, Think Tank Committee and four professional committees that focused on news cooperation, integrated communication, program cooperation and industrial cooperation. By far, BRMC members and partners include 133 institutions covering 59 countries and regions, including major countries and regions along the Belt and Road. The members are made up of radio & TV broadcasters, film & TV producers, distributors, video websites, social media companies, as well as regional and international organizations. They have become an important force in promoting the construction of the “Belt and Road Initiative”. And it will become an important force for promoting the high-quality development of “Belt and Road Initiative “media cooperation and promoting the new pattern of open media construction.

The BRMC has inherited the spirit of the Silk Road, while continuing to push this spirit forward. The Community follows principles of “openness and inclusiveness, wide consultation,joint construction, market operation, and gradual progress”. Meanwhile, the BRMC continues to work towards uniting all parties, consolidating public opinion on the“Belt and Road Initiative”, and implementing ideas of“consultations, joint construction, and win-win development”. Finally, the BRMC carries out extensive and pragmatic exchanges and partnerships regarding timeslot channel cooperation, “Gold Ribbon” outstanding program selections, international co-production, program simulcasting, and more.

By embracing more media and production agencies along the Silk Road and even from the whole world, the Community will burgeon into one of the world's largest "film and TV +" all-media cooperation platforms with our joint efforts.