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The Treasure
Classification: Documentary
Production Time: 2018
Countries: Thailand
Episodes: 1
Duration: 5
Production Companies:

Ton is a Thai craftsman who creates art through woodworking to increase the values and the lifespan of wood, including it in Thai people’s lives as much as he can. Even though Thai craftsmen are hard to find and likely to become a disappeared job from Thailand one day, Ton still tries to encourage Thai craftsmen to be proud of their career, letting them know that they are wood craft artists, not just carpenters.

Every wooden piece crafted by their hands has generated the feelings of affection, connection, and pride to the craftsmen like them. More than just handing the finished products to customers, woodworking has become the values of craftsmanship and sentimental value for the craftsmen who turn old wooden pieces into brand-new furniture that will be passed one from generation to generation.

He wants to keep passing on the woodwork legacy for as long as he could, just like his father who passed on woodwork skills to him. The skills have helped Ton build a career and create useful wooden furniture for Thai people, making him a proud craftsman as he is today.