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GangLha Metok
Classification: Documentary
Production Time: 2017
Countries: China
Episodes: 1
Duration: 87
Production Companies:

This is a story of three Tibetan herds-girls who come from different family backgrounds and have different personalities. With different purposes, they go to the same training school in the city to learn the same professional skill --- hairdressing. One of them sees it as a way to change her fate, one wants to relieve the burden of her family and one wants to achieve her dream. They are faced with different environments, aesthetic standards and values of the city and the pastoral area. While they are looking for ways to unbosom themselves, the life of the plateau shapes them into whowhom they are, the experience of the city life adds color to their dreams, and they have their own versions of youth story what it is like to be young. Once they might have been timid, confused, and delighted, but they have never stopped striving for their dreams.