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Silk Road-Our Stories
Classification: Documentary
Production Time: 2017
Countries: China
Episodes: 3
Duration: 5
Production Companies:

Silk Road-Our Stories consists of 100 episodes of mini documentaries which, from multiple levels and perspectives, showcase the achievements of the cooperation among the countries along the Silk Routes and the breadth and depth of cultural and people-to-people exchanges with vivid storytelling techniques. With a purpose to publicize the economic, social and cultural achievements of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, it tells China’s story from a global perspective, broadcasts China’s voice, and actively participates in the construction of China’s international discourse.

Each mini documentary lasts 5 minutes, focusing on one character. From China to the rest of Asia, from Europe to Africa, from North America to Oceania, the character could be a Chinese working somewhere in a country along the Belt and Road, one who benefits from the Belt and Road Initiative and one who participants in cultural exchanges along the Silk Routes. The program captures their work and life also presents their inner world and how they achieve their values and dreams of life through the opportunities brought about by the Belt and Road Initiative..