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The Mongolian Horse
Classification: Documentary
Production Time: 2018
Countries: China
Episodes: 1
Duration: 5
Production Companies:

This film tells the touching story of the bond between herdsmen and their animals. 

Mongolian horses are strong, hard working, and fearless of the cold, which allows them to survive under harsh conditions. Hu Qitu, the owner of a horse farm on Inner Mongolia’s Horqin grassland, has loved horses ever since he was young. He often listened to the magical tales told by his elders about how Mongolian horses could always find their way back home, even if they started their journey from thousands of miles away. After he grew up, Hu took care of a Mongolian horse named Heli. One night, after the temperature had plummeted to minus sixty degrees, Hu Qitu collapsed. Heli carried his unconscious master more than 50 kilometers back to their home, saving his master’s life.