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2018 Belt and Road Media Community Summit Forum Opens in Xi’an


SN.CRI.CN (by Liu Honghua): On September 11, the 2018 Belt and Road Media Community Summit Forum, based on the theme of “New Era, New Achievements, New Breakthroughs”, kicked off in Xi’an, China. Wang Yongkang, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Secretary of CPC Xi’an Municipal Committee, Xue Jijun, representative of China Media Group, Chairman and President of China International Television Corporation, Zhou Jihong, Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation of the State Administration of Radio and Television, Abdelrahim Suleiman, Director General of Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), JP Bommel, CEO and President of the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) attended the opening ceremony.


Venue of the Belt and Road Media Community Summit Forum (Photo by Xia Depeng)

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative and the third anniversary of the Belt and Road Media Community (the “Community”). The Community has carried forward the spirit of the Silk Road, and continuously rallied all parties, and consolidated the public opinion foundation for the Belt and Road construction and cooperation under the principles of openness and inclusiveness, mutual discussion and joint construction, market-oriented operation, and orderly progress; adhering to mutual discussion, joint construction and sharing, the Community has carried out extensive and practical communication and cooperation in aspects of international co-production, “Golden Ribbon” outstanding program selection, television program simulcasting, cooperative operation of channels or time slots, program trading and information resource sharing.


Wang Yongkang, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Secretary of CPC Xi’an Municipal Committee, speaks at the opening ceremony (Photo by Xia Depeng)

Deepening the Communication among the Countries and Regions along the Belt and Road

Wang Yongkang, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, Secretary of CPC Xi’an Municipal Committee, said in his speech that Xi’an as the start point of the Silk Road will seize the Summit Forum as an opportunity to strengthen the cooperation with the media institutions and all circles of society of various countries and regions, constantly expand the “circle of friends”, learn from good experiences, develop fusion media, adopt new techniques, share the strategic opportunities of the Belt and Road, and jointly create a new high ground for the development of the fusion media.


Xue Jijun, Representative of China Media Group and Chairman and President of CITVC, speaks at the opening ceremony (Photo by Xia Depeng)

Xue Jijun said that the event was one of the most important to be hosted by China Media Group since it was first established. Following its establishment, China Media Group has made it its key goal to build an international first-class state-level modern media carrier, effectively integrate superior resources, deepen integrated development, maximize the use of resources, effectively advance the establishment of new media, significantly improve international communication capabilities; emphasize the innovative application of new technologies, new models and new business formats, and firmly hold a dominant position and led industry trends in the coverage of major events, the interpretation of important information, commentary on key current affairs and the development and broadcast of film and television dramas, documentaries, variety shows and other areas, all of which demonstrate strong power in communication, influence, leadership and credibility.

Speaking on the topic of the development of the Belt and Road Media Community, Xue Jijun put forward four suggestions: First, creating high-quality content. We should persist in regarding content as key and maintaining quality as the top priority, telling compelling stories about the Silk Road and China; Second, deepening all-round cooperation. We should closely follow the trends of scientific and technological development, persist in innovation, strengthen capital operations, industry funding and other international, multilateral win-win commercial cooperation models; Third, expanding omni-channel communication is of great importance. We should expand cooperation to set up local program slots or channels, jointly build a mutually beneficial and win-win international broadcasting platform to enhance mutual understanding among the people of all countries and regions, promote the joint development of the radio, film and television industry in the countries and regions along the Silk Road and further enhance the international influence and discourse power of Silk Road media organizations. Fourth, strengthening omni-business communication. We should strengthen business discussions, personnel training and technical cooperation with the media of various countries and regions, focus on the agenda setting of Belt and Road coverage, the construction of the discourse system, the application of cutting-edge technologies and the integration of communication channels, deepen normal cooperation mechanisms, and jointly create new cooperation models.

Zhou Jihong, Abdelrahim Suleiman and JP Bommel also spoke at the opening ceremony.


Release of key cooperation project From Chang’an to Rome (Photo by Xia Depeng)

With the Community as the carrier, supporting win-win development of the television industry

At the opening ceremony, Tang Shiding, vice president of China International Television Corporation, mentioned in the 2018 Annual Work Report of the Belt and Road Media Community that over the past two years, the Community has increasingly grown from 41 institutions of 29 countries and regions to include 98 institutions from 50 countries and regions; the Community has made a series of visible achievements in overseas time slot/ channel, international co-production, outstanding program selection, information sharing & communication and overseas program simulcasting.
At the Summit Forum, five new Community members joined in – Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), Germany’s TV Alliance, Cambodia’s Digital Sky Multimedia and V Stream, and Japan’s BS12, expanding the Community’s membership to 103.

At the opening ceremony, more than 10 cooperation achievements and new projects were unveiled, covering six major categories: the addition of new members, program co-production, local channels and time slots, program simulcasting, news and information cooperation and “Golden Ribbon” multinational cooperation.


Premiere of TV Drama Origin (Photo by Xia Depeng)

In the film and television co-production, the co-produced programs including Origin, From Chang’an to Rome, Silk Road to Northern Lights, and Approaching China: Jean-Pierre Raffarin Witnesses 40 Years of Great Change were released at the opening ceremony; in the cooperative operation of channels and time slots, the Summit Forum released the results of cooperation with countries including Portugal and Sierra Leone. The 2019 “Golden Ribbon” multinational coproduction program Silk Road in My Eyes was also officially launched at the Summit Forum.


Launch of Eurasia News Sharing and Exchange Platform (Photo by Xia Depeng)

In particular, the Summit Forum officially launched the brand-new “Eurasia News Sharing and Exchange Platform” for Community members to share international and regional news.