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Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development

Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (the “AIBD”), as the only governmental TV broadcasting international organization in Asian-Pacific region, aims at providing members with a wide range of activities, including TV and radio trainings, policy consultancy, international forum and media summit, thus to increase their mutual understanding and cooperation, improve the international influence of the Asian-Pacific media and promote joint development of the radio and television industry.

Founded in 1977, AIBD is headquartered at Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia, and its members mainly come from governmental broadcasters in ESCAP countries. At present AIBD has attracted 43 official members and 87 associate members from 26 countries including China, France, South Korea, Singapore, Iran, India and Indonesia. Additionally, ITU, UNESCO and ABU are the important partners of AIBD. They will attend the AIBD conference and important activities as observers every year.