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China:Nature’s Ancient Kingdom
Classification: Documentary
Countries: China
Episodes: 3
Duration: 50

China:Nature’s Ancient Kingdom

China, where bred one of the oldest civilizations on the earth, is also home to the earliest known animals. Here animals and human populations have co-existed for hundreds of millions of years. In 2017, China is in the process of creating and completing a brand new trial National Park System to protect its rarest species and rich cultural heritage. This system of 10 trial parks will encompass all of China’s most distinct landscapes, species and human cultures. And scientists are pouring more time, energy and money than ever before into studying how the animals inside co-habit these environments alongside their human guardians. Utilizing stunning 4K photography, and the world’s best natural history cinematographers, this series will journey deep into these unique National Parks, to discover the protected animals that hide behind their borders, the human traditions intertwined in their life cycles.