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China International Television Corporation Participated in MIPCOM in France Achieved Fruitful Marketing Results

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From October 15 to October 19, China International Television Corporation organized a delegation to participate in the 33rd Autumn Festival of Cannes (MIPCOM) in France, negotiating with more than 100 TV media agencies from over 50 countries and regions including France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Britain, the United States, Iran, Greece, Russia and India, achieving fruitful marketing achievements.

Firstly, the key television programs are popular. The head office prepared various programs which last more than 5,000 hours, among which nearly 3,000 hours of the programs were translated into nearly 30 languages including English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian. The highlight - the documentary Aerial China in 4K version, Super Project II, TV series The Advisors Alliance, Storm of Prophecy, Princess Agents, My Mr.Mermaid, Memories of Love, and animations like Krtek a Panda and Крош и Панда had attentions from participating buyers; agreements were also reached on the cooperation intention with medias like Italy RAI, Spain TV3 and Greece ERT3 regarding the documentary Aerial China, Super Project II, and TV series The Advisors Alliance and The Legend of Bruce Lee.

Secondly, the promotion activity has obvious effect. On the “Perceived China-Focusing on China’s Original Animation” which is held on China Joint Exhibition, the head office introduced Krtek a Panda, Крош и Панда and “Panda +” brand, and co-hosted the documentary Revival of the Silk Road promotion conference with the US A + E Company. Two promotion conferences successfully attracted a large number of participants to come for enquiry.

Third, positive progress has been made in international cooperation projects. During the exhibition, the head office negotiated with the international media agencies from the UK, the US, Italy, Germany, New Zealand and Austria on projects of international cooperation of various kinds involving documentary and television documentaries. The key projects of “Belt and Road Media Community” and “Golden Ribbon Award” for Excellent TV Programs were highlighted. A memorandum entitled “Belt and Road Media Community” was signed with the Israeli Filmhouse on-site to further expand the coverage of Community members.